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We book up very quickly around public holidays, school holidays and especially Christmas.

Please consider booking your ideal appointment dates and times in advance to avoid disappointment.

About Our Salon

At K9 Corner we take a lot of pride in our work. We strive for complete owner and pet satisfaction.

We are gentle and kind, taking great consideration for your pets comfort and happiness.

We are always honest with our feedback of your pets experience with us. We believe this is an absolute must to ensure we can work together to make your pets grooming experience as pleasurable as possible.

Our salon is small, clean, inviting and temperature controlled for year round comfort.

We have safety in mind with double gates upon entry and all dogs are caged while in our care. However we do let dogs run free in our salon at intervals (one dog at a time). We do not let dogs socialise with each other unless they live together or know each other. This diminishes the risk of any aggression towards each other.

Our salon is run by appointment only. We like all dogs to spend as minimal time in our salon as possible unless you have previously arranged otherwise. We will advise an estimated time for pick up when you arrive and we will give you a call or text as soon as we are finished.

We try our best to keep to a schedule, however it is very hard to estimate how long each dog will take to complete. It depends on many factors including the condition of the coat, the time it takes to dry, your dog or the groomer may need a break during the groom, we may have interruptions such as phone calls or inquiries at the salon. We do not like to rush as this can become stressful on both your pet and groomer. We appreciate your patience and can assure you your pet is cared for while with us.

Please let us know if you need to bring your pet in earlier than their scheduled appointment time, or if you require them to stay with us for a full day. Generally this is fine, but we do need to confirm we have adequate space.

Please call us if you are running late, in busy times and peak seasons we may need to reschedule.

At times we can find it difficult to answer calls during the day, but please leave a message or send us a text and we will return it as soon as possible.

Our head groomer........Lori (owner)

"To start from the beginning......... In 1997 I began work in my first grooming salon as a bather. A couple of years later I began working at Lyn's Canine Stylist in Panorama. Lyn was, and still is one of Adelaide's first and finest dog groomers and also an international show judge. Over the following years Lyn taught me everything I know and helped me achieve my goal of opening my own salon (Precious Paws in Klemzig).

Precious Paws is still a very busy and successful business which was sold back in 2009 to one of my extremely capable staff members. The reason behind selling was simply because we had baby number 2 on the way, we live in Two Wells and the distance to drive to and from was just to great.

My husband (Jason) built and prepared what was to be my new grooming salon during 2009, so by the time Bailey was ready for daycare, K9 Corner was open and ready for business. So here I am and loving it. I love being local and seeing familiar and friendly faces daily, I love working so close to my kids, family and home. And I especially love being able to see familiar dogs taking their owners on morning walks to get the paper. ;)

24 years later...... I still love my job as much as i did back when I first started.

Please don't hesitate to ask to speak directly to me when you visit the salon. Most of the time Jade or another staff will do the customer service. This allows me to continue grooming without interruptions for myself or the pooch I am grooming. However, I am more than happy if you wish to give grooming instructions direct to me. I especially encourage this for first time visitors and I will always try to be available on arrival for those."

Our Staff

Jade: Jade (Lori's eldest daughter) is having a gap year from her uni studies and will be working everyday during 2021.

Jade has spent extensive time in this salon and Lori's previous salon since a young child. She had previously worked at K9 Corner during school and uni holidays. Jade is gentle, caring and has a genuine love for all animals. She is confident in handling all breeds and is by far one of the best team members K9 Corner has had.

Jade has been studying at uni (Exercise Physiology), as this is another of her passions. Dog grooming has always been an option for her, so exploring alternatives for her future has always been encouraged. Jade has recently decided to put her studies on hold and work full-time at K9 Corner, she loves it so much that she will be putting serious thought into staying on into the future.

Jade's duties currently include; pre-groom clipping, bathing, drying, brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, pet support (supporting the bather and/or groomer by caring for and comforting your pet while being groomed), customer service, admin duties, and the opening/closing of the salon.

Other Casual staff : Are employed during busy times, they are trained and supervised in; pet support (supporting the bather and/or groomer by caring for and comforting your pet while being groomed), bathing, drying, customer service and cleaning.